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Trish Rock- Salon Consultant, Salon Marketing, Mobile Marketing for Salons, Salon Success, Salon Profits — MORE CLIENTS - MORE PROFITS - MORE YOU

Salon Success

Are You Making Money In Your Salon?


Do You Feel You Are Doing Everything Possible To Bring In New Clients And Yet They Are Just Not Coming?

Are You Frustrated With The Hard Work That Is Bringing Little Or No Results?


You are not alone in feeling this way and it can be VERY frustrating and confusing

especially when you are doing everything you have been told you are ‘supposed‘ to do.


Are you open to new ideas?

If so, great! Often the change you have been waiting for is only one new idea away.


No matter where your Salon Business is at the moment

  • Just starting out
  • Fully established but not profitable
  • Profitable and ready to expand even further

You can increase your profits and have an unlimited supply of clients, NOW, simply by implementing a few small changes to the way you are currently doing things!

  • You want to have the BEST salon possible, right? 
  • The great news is that you do not have to compete with the lower priced nail bars at all!
  • YOU deserve a long and wonderful career in this business and Trish can help you to find your uniqueness and STAND OUT in your area.


Trish says, “I believe your passion for this Industry is the first step to claiming your success. Establish YOUR uniqueness in the marketplace and lets show the world what a fantastic talent YOU are. “


Grab your FREE- 7 Proven Strategies To Increase Your CLIENTS And Your PROFITS!

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OR if you are READY TO MOVE TOWARDS MORE PROFITS RIGHT NOW contact Trish or check out the Success Products that are available today for you.


Salon Success can be easily achieved with the correct strategies and powerful marketing techniques in place  to attract the ideal clients to you, the correct mindset and belief systems in place and support to help you get there.


What Are People Saying?:

“The Valentine Promotion was a success and I am happy with the result. On Friday and Saturday we were pretty much booked and not able to accommodate all clients, this is a good problem to have right :-)? The growth for the Month of January is 10% comparing to 2011. The growth for the first two weeks of February is 40% comparing to 2011. ” Aaron


‘Trish, I would like to tell you, I took your advice….and have cut my times nearly in half! I also took action on your suggestions and in doing that they either sent me clients or they brought up to 2 with them. A total of 6 new clients. Thank you so much for what you’ve done for me so far! Jessica Stringer


“Talking to you the other night was exactly what I needed….you gave me my self-confidence back and was very inspiring to me. You were very supportive and that was what I needed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are truly an inspiration and it rubbed off on me. :) Joanne Grant

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